Ten Penny

Ten Penny Ale

Circa 1934-2007

Dartmouth, NS & Saint John, NB


Moosehead Breweries began brewing Ten Penny in 1934 and produced the brand up until May 2007.  Never a clear leader in the pack, Ten Penny nonetheless had a stable of committed, loyal fans. 

The most frequent comment we hear, "That's the beer my father drank".  Maybe it was the more refined palate of our fathers, or maybe it was the slightly higher alcohol content at 5.3% that made it their choice.  Perhaps we'll never know, but one thing is certain - Ten Penny was, and remains, a fondly remembered brand from one of the region's largest brewing clans.


Moosehead began in 1867 - the year of Confederation here in Canada.  Today, the 6th generation of the Oland's family is working for the brewery and they remain the largest independent, family owned brewery in the country.

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