Sea Breeze is Perfume to my Soul

Bee Stanton (aka BeeJaeDee) is a Nova Scotia based designer illustrator who draws the things that she wants to say.  A defender and lover of all things East Coast, we've partnered with Bee to bring some of her hand drawn illustrations to life on our clothing.  You can follow Bee on Instagram or Tumblr where she regularly posts the latest illustrations from her Moleskin. 

Perfume to My Soul - Inspired by the song Saltwater Joys by Buddy Wasisname, I couldn’t help but feel raw emotion when I first heard the line “The ocean smells are perfume to my soul”. It couldn’t have hit any closer to home. Also inspired not only figuratively but literally by the sea. I was in my home town, Digby, sitting on the rocks in the harbour, and was completely calmed by the sights, sounds and smells of everything around me. I drew this piece out of my unwavering belief in the sea being excellent therapy.

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