Order your Chinese Food - Frankie



Few people from Cape Breton have captured international attention like Frankie MacDonald and his world famous weather forecasts. 

Through the power of Facebook & You Tube, Frankie has become the go to source of information when extreme weather is bearing down on the region & beyond. 

Frankie is a true treasure of Nova Scotia and we are thrilled to be able to offer this new design following on the heels of our extremely popular Be Prepared design.

Frankie's favourite food is Chinese take-out, and many of his extreme weather forecasts include a plug for you to call up your favourite restaurant and order some take-out before the storm hits.

To learn more about Frankie, here's a link to a recent Chronicle Herald story which quite appropriately labeled Frankie as a National Treasure.

We are pleased to be paying a portion of the sales from this design to Frankie MacDonald himself.

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