Oland & Son

Oland & Son

Halifax NS

Circa 1867-1971

Francis deWinton and John James Dunn Oland originally founded Oland & Son Brewery.  

George Culverwell Oland and Sidney Oland purchased the Halifax brewery, Highland Spring Brewery.

They were officially incorporated in 1914, but the Halifax explosion levelled the brewery in 1917. In 1920, they started to rebuild the brewery, but financial difficulties delayed it's completion to 1931.  In the interim, Sidney Oland purchased the Alexander Keith & Son Brewery.


A booming business during the era of World War II took it's toll on the brewery and a major refit of the operations happened in the late 1940's.


Another major renovation occurred in the 1960's but by 1971, the Company was struggling with rising costs and increasing competition and the decision was made to sell the operations to John Labbatt.  Despite the sale, breweries continued to operate in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia under the Olands name - a tradition that remains to this day.


The inspiration for this design is from an undated beer cap that was uncovered in a house renovation on Inglis St. in the south end of Halifax.  Stephen Archibald, one of our greatest sources of inspiration of vintage Nova Scotia images, shared this photo with us that he took after discovering the cap.



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