Farquhar's Norpoint Herring

Farquhar & Co

Halifax, NS

Circa early 1900's

Capt. James Farquhar was born in 1842 and died in 1930.  During the 80+ years of his life, he travelled the world's oceans seeking fortune from his home base in Nova Scotia.

 James was born in Meagher's Grant, but at the age of 6, he and his family moved to Sable Island where he saw his first shipwrecks and beaches covered in seals.

 Later on, he would return to the mainland, and to Halifax, but those early days shaped what would become his life's work - running shipping and salvage operations around the world and buying and selling thousands of seal pelts. 

 Luckily, James Farquhar maintained great records of his life's journeys and wrote an autobiography of his life prior to his passing in 1930.  The manuscript remained unpublished until 1980, when the family published "Farquhar's Luck" - a fascinating recollection of a life on the sea and of the early days of industry in Nova Scotia.

 The Farquhar design is based on this 10lb tin of Herring that we discovered in a private collection of Nova Scotia memorabilia just outside Bridgewater.  Although we have not been able to date the tin, an ad appeared in the Halifax Directory of 1918 which advertised Farquhar & Co. as purveyors of dry & pickled fish.




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