Mr. Donair

Mr Donair
Halifax, NS
Circa early 1970's - present

BREAKING NEWS! December 8, 2015 - Halifax City Council declares the Donair the Official Food of Halifax! 

The origin of the “Donair” dates back to the early 1970s in Bedford, Nova Scotia. A young man named Peter, “The Original”Mr. Donair, immigrated to Canada from Greece & opened a pizza shop to share his love of the Gyro with Haligonians.

The Gyro recipe traditionally served on a pita with Tzatziki sauce wasn’t quite right for the folks of Halifax, so Peter came up with an idea to change up the Gyro and created an original recipe using ground beef, secret spices and a sweet sauce. Needless to say, it was a huge hit and the rest is history!

The name “Donair” is said to have been made up by Peter when someone asked what the new dish was called. He looked at the meat rotisserie machine for the cone which had “DONER” printed on it and said “Doner”.  From that point on the former traditional Gyro had born the legend of Donair

The Donair has come to be known as a Nova Scotia delicacy & “The Original” Mr. Donair products are now available all across Canada!

For more information on Tony's Meats and Mr. Donair, please visit Mr Donair or Tony's Meats & be sure to follow @DonairMR on Twitter.


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