Moir's Chocolates

Moir's Limited 

Halifax, NS

Circa 1873-2007


Ben Moir emmigrated to Nova Scotia from Scotland and in 1873, started a confectionery & chocolate business - a business that would continue to grow and become a national treasure over the ensuing century. 

Perhaps no chocolate in Canada was more well known than Moir's Pot of Gold - a staple of nearly every house in the country at Christmas time.  The Pot of Gold was introduced in 1928 and was made in Dartmouth right up until 2007.   

In 1987, Moir's (& the famous Pot of Gold) was purchased by Pennsylvania's Hershey Company who operated their Nova Scotia plant until 2007 when it ceased operations completely. 

Our design is based on this vintage wooden crate that we found in a collector's barn just outside of Bridgewater.

Despite the fact that Moir's is no longer produced in Nova Scotia - many of us still remember our favourites and knew that you had to be early to the party to get the caramel!

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