LaHave Creamery

La Have Creamery

Bridgewater, NS

Circa 1913 -

In 1913, the LaHave Creamery was founded in Bridgewater as a place for local dairy farmers to bring their products to be turned into butter & cream.  Like so many other groups of farmers organizing across the province at the time, the co-op format was adopted so as to provide the farmers with a fair price for their product.

In 1923 the Co-operative was acquired and ice cream was added to the products that they produced.

The Company later got into frozen food distribution and continued until 1975 when their picturesque location on the banks of the La Have River was acquired and the building was torn down to make a parking lot the Bridgewater Mall.   

With the end of the La Have Creamery, local farmers then began selling their milk to Scotsburn Dairy.


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