Keith's Medicinal Stout

Keith's Medicinal Stout

Halifax, NS

Circa 1920

With Prohibition in Canada, our Master Brewers had to find a legal way to get their fine brews to the masses - what better way than a doctor's note.

This six-pack of Keith's Medicinal Stout was made by Halifax's famous Keith's Brewery.

From his humble beginnings as a Scottish Immigrant in 1817 - Keith went on to found what would become one of Canada's most famous breweries on Halifax's Lr. Water St. in 1820.

Although Keith died in 1873, Keith's Brewery survived - even through the days of Prohibition in Nova Scotia.  During Prohibition Canada only outlawed the sale and consumption of alcohol, not the production.  So, aside from the export market, the only legal way to obtain the drink during Prohibition was on a doctor's orders.

In Doug Roy's "The River Runs Deep" he refers to the "stacks and stacks of cases of empty bottles of Keith's Medicinal Stout piled up in the back porch of grandfather's home, to the great embarrassment of all his temperate daughters"

Today, the doctor's note is no longer required, but like an apple a day, a stout a day is still a good prescription to keep the doctor away.


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