High-Liner Lunenburg Sea Products


Lunenburg, NS

Circa 1899-present

W.C. Smith & Company started as a salt cod operation in 1899 in Lunenburg, NS.

Like many of their counterparts of the era, branding of their products became quite important as much of their fish was being sold to export markets as we had more than enough to satisfy local consumers.

The High Liner brand was created in 1926 and operated under the name Lunenburg Sea Products at the time this sign was created.  The original of this sign hangs as an exhibit at the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic in Lunenburg.

Over the years, the Company changed names becoming National Sea Products until 1999 when they took the name of High Liner Foods  - the brand that had begun some 73 years previously.

High Liner continues to be headquartered in Lunenburg and today and is a multi-national Company with operations and customers spanning the globe.

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