Glace Bay Chip Wagon

The Chip Wagon

Glace Bay, NS

Circa 1942 - present

Perhaps the oldest food truck in Canada, the Chip Wagon in Glace Bay has been operating since 1942.  One of only six trucks manufactured at the time -  this truck was built in 1942 and operated by Mike & Rosie Minchoff in Montreal for a short time.

Montreal business owners vehemently opposed this new form of commerce and had the city enact a by-law that strictly forbid any type of street vending of food - a law which stood on the books until two years ago.

Faced with a decision, the Minchoffs heard of the booming coal industry in Glace Bay, shipped their truck and made the move east in 1946.  

Now on it's fourth set of owners, Mike & Marielle Yorke, continue to operate the original truck on the corner of Commercial & Water Streets in Glace Bay every summer.

If you find yourself in that neck of the woods - do yourself a favour and make a stop - you certainly won't regret it!

Special thanks to Tom MacDonald (@krazyfella) who has chronicled the history of the truck for all to see over at Caper Pics

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