Dominion Coal

Dominion Coal Co. Ltd.

Glace Bay, NS

CIRCA 1893-1928

The Dominion Coal Company (DOMCO) began in Cape Breton in the late 1800's with 99 year mining grants being issued by the Province of Nova Scotia.  

With the mines came rail lines which were needed to transport the coal to piers in Sydney & Louisbourg, and in 1910, the railway lines were incorporated as the Sydney & Louisbourg Railway.

By 1912, DOMCO operated 16 collieries and 40% of all coal production in Canada was coming from Cape Breton.

The coal mines would also spur the creation of Dominion Iron & Steel Company (DISCO) which began steel production in Sydney.

The coal mines and steel interests would later be combined into the Dominion Steel & Coal Corporation (DOSCO).

Although there would be several name changes, and corporate reorganizations, the last underground coal mine on Cape Breton Island closed in November 2001.

Presently, efforts are underway to re-open some of the abandoned coal mines.


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