Chipman's Golden Glow

Chipman Wines

Kentville, NS

1930's to 1983

With a name like Golden Glow, we just couldn't resist - this print actually GLOWS IN THE DARK!

Chipman Wines began in Kentville, NS and is believed to be the first commercial winery in Nova Scotia. Primarily fruit wines, Golden Glow was in fact a hard apple cider. 

A purpose built winery was erected in 1941, but was destroyed by fire in 1953.  Unable to continue on, the business was sold to a group of investors in the Kentville area who expanded to include other fruit wines and ran somewhat successfully until 1983.

Golden Glow was produced in Kentville until 1983 when the company was sold to Andres.  Andres shut down the Kentville operation, but continued to produce Golden Glow in Truro, NS - the label produced here is from the Andres era of ownership.  The last pressing of Golden Glow occurred around 2007. 

The butt of many jokes, the preferred beverage under the bleachers and of 1980's frosh weeks throughout the region, Golden Glow is fondly remembered for the times it fueled, more than the taste on the lips.

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