Bill Lynch Shows



CIRCA 1920 - 2003

Well, if you grew up in Nova Scotia prior to 2003, you know the Bill Lynch Shows.  The travelling carnival of rides, games & amusements travelled Nova Scotia from end to end every summer.

What many don't realize though, is that Bill Lynch was born on McNab's Island and the original fair grounds, were actually on the island at the mouth of Halifax Harbour.  

The Bill Lynch shows was once the largest carnival in all of Canada - and nobody would miss a chance to head to the fair when it rolled into your town.

Although it no longer travels as the Bill Lynch shows, there are many Nova Scotians that will always refer to the travelling carnival as the Bill Lynch Shows - no matter where in the world they are.

Unlike many of our stories, this one is very well documented.  If you care to learn more, please check out Christopher Walsh's book, "Under the Electric Sky: The Legacy of the Bill Lynch Shows"



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